Grounded in sustainability. 

AHNIKO was born as a dreamy solution to create an intentional wardrobe that was held to rigorous ethical standards and sustainable practices.

A different kind of sustainability that was not only responsible but came with some major attitude, style, and individuality and is definitely not your average eco-friendly brand. 


How do we accomplish this? Glad you asked...

It's the little things...

 It all starts with the components. We make a conscious effort to always source top quality fabrics and trims right here in our motherland...Los Angeles.

Reclaiming and repurposing deadstock fabrics that had an end date with the landfills. We also take a progressive approach to sourcing organic fabrics such as linen, cotton and tencel; fabrics that are more gentle to the body and environment. 


Mindfulness all around

 But we don't just stop with our garments, because the way they travel to you is really important to us too. All of our packaging is composed of either recycled PET plastic, compostable, reusable and ALWAYS recyclable materials. Now you can feel better about the way your beloved pieces get to you.

What's more is that our production process is not exempt from our sustainable and ethical practices. Those scraps that are left behind from the cutting process? They're gathered and donated to companies who repurpose them into everyday household products, an important step in implementing a more zero-waste production operation.  



Ethics & Transparency 

In addition to delivering you a sustainable and environmentally conscious shopping experience, we strive to invest in individuals and minorities just like us to ultimately grow a more empowered future for all.

We take proactive measures  to ensure this through our ethical implementations of working with manufacturers who are paid fair wages in safe environments right in the heart of Los Angeles.